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VO Reel - Caitlin D. Jones
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Caitlin recorded a test VO for a new website as a favor to a friend back in 2014. The ad agency creatives then booked her for their client pitch. The pitch went so well, they wanted to keep everything 'as is'... including Caitlin's VO.


Serendipitously, the website continued booking Caitlin as their official voice for another three years, and then again in 2019. That new website turned out to be Blue Apron. The VO from that commercial landed Caitlin her manager, who then received numerous calls requesting the "Blue Apron Voice." Fast forward and Caitlin has dozens of national network commercial voice-overs under her belt for brands like Google Android, Trojan XOXO, and Bobble Water Bottles. Additionally, in 2016 Caitlin became an official 'SIMS' voice for NBC's North East local affiliates. 


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